Review: Tom-Yum-Goong 2

RZA leads a small army of martial-arts warriors, each with a number tattoo to indicate how good they are. Among them are the lethally brutal Number 2 (Crump) and the fierce Twenty (Rhatha), whose tattoo is spelled out across her cleavage.

Kham (Jaa) is pursued by RZA's gang of toughs, and is eventually captured and branded as No 1.

One fun bit has Jaa and Crump fighting on an electrified railway line. In a move that defies the laws of physics, they both dip their feet in water and stand on the rails shocking each other. As their fists swing they make the same sounds as lightsabers from Star Wars.


  1. B 23 Dec 13 at 04:17

    I haven't seen this stupid movie yet, and it WAS part of the big 4 of 2013 for me to watch along with Special ID, Ninja 2 and Berandal. Now I don't care about it because this long wait has killed the interest and wait for it that ive kicked this gay retarded movie off my list, now only Berandal is left. Ninja 2 is way better than this piece of worthless shit of a movie. If it ever comes out Sahamongkol doesn't deserve my money for it, im pirating it. They can piss off, they don't deserve my money for this super long wait. And Hollywood definitely doesn't deserve my money either for this movie if they get any, thatll be a lesson to them to actually make a deal or whatever to get these movies early for us in the stupid west.

  2. guy random dude 06 Feb 14 at 10:13

    Tom-Yum-Goong 2 is the worst Tony Jaa film ever. I firmly believe that the first one was way WAY better than this since the stunt look extremely real and believable, the action was superb, even the fight scene is awesome. In TYG2, even though it has action but it's didn't get it to "WOW" or "WHOA" or "HOLY****" me. When i watch the action, i was like uuuuhhhh?

    And more thing, why the hell this movie needs 3-D anyway? Tony Jaa is a martials artist or stuntman who doesn't need special effects. 3-D effects in the movie is mostly crap. Also lack of good humor compare to the first one. Fight scene is not really that good, most of it are embarrasing with the "lightsaber" sound effect. Lol i find that funny and stupid.


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