Greetings from Los Angeles, where, in what has become an annual tradition, I am sick on holiday. Last year, sick in Vegas. The year before, sick in Los Angeles again.

"Duke is playing now? But it's only… Oh. Right. Pacific Time."

I'm still re-acclimating.

Against my better judgment, I extended my stay through Thanksgiving Eve so I can catch a free advance screening of Inside Llewyn Davis.

Previously on Adam Riff™:
What began as an excursion down to Philly to try Drew's sandwich ballooned into an all-day food crawl, and the latest episode in the "Jon dines out with someone he just met in person for the first time" series.

S03E04: Jon and Hugo eat at Lukshon in Culver City (November 2013)
Hugo: My biggest fear is a terrorist attack in which someone leaks records of everyone's private digital activity.
Jon: Ego-terrorism.

This should be an episode of Black Mirror. Everyone's secrets become freely accessible. Explore the aftermath.

I found this at the Fairfax Goodwill:

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