Dink's Song

Hmm… Might want to re-think your plans, Jon.


I remove my laptop from its case and remove my shoes to pass though security, like I normally do, and a TSA agent informs me that I didn't have to. I then notice a sign informing me that I can now keep my laptop in its case and keep my shoes on.

After passing through security, I realize that I forgot my carry-on chocolate pecan pie at baggage drop and go retrieve it.

Passing through security again, I am directed up a flight of stairs and down a hallway to an annex security checkpoint.

"Was I sent here because I look suspicious?" I wonder. "Is it my flat brim hat with the sticker on it?" (Ed. Note: It was a new hat!)

But the travelers queued behind me followed me to the annex checkpoint, where a TSA agent instructs me to remove my laptop from its case and remove my shoes. I look for but see no sign informing me that I need not do so anymore.

On my way to LAX, I passed this place:

Chicago Style Chinese Cuisine: Deep-dish scallion pancakes.

California Style: Beef and broccoli and avocado.

Kansas City: Sweet and spicy chicken.

So UCLA is a fashion brand overseas.

Menswear, dresses… Knit gloves!

UCLA Clothing is available in boutique and department stores in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Unlike domestic buyers, international buyers are interested in UCLA clothing because it is indicative of Southern California college lifestyle, not because they have a personal connection to the school. [source]

Meanwhile, in America:

UCLA Thor T-Shirt

Buyers are interested because they have a personal connection to both the school and Thor?

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