The Top 11 Fight Scenes of 2013

Yes, this list goes to 11, and could easily be 22, as 2013 was a strong year for fight scenes.

Big thanks to Swaggy D for his help. Please report any broken videos.

11. Underwear Fight (Delocated)
An odd mix of absurdity and brutality.

10. Washroom Fight (The World's End)
Choreographed by the leader of Jackie Chan's stunt team.

9. Magic Fight (Now You See Me)
Free association: Home Alone. Dave Franco mastered card-throwing for this scene.

8. Audition Fight (Man of Tai Chi)
Keanu Reeves directs the man responsible for his martial arts training during production of the Matrix trilogy.

7. Casino Fight (Banshee)
To television writer Alan Sepinwall, The Sopranos' fifth episode, "College," was the episode that got people to pay attention. "The Sopranos didn't become The Sopranos until 'College.'" This scene was Banshee's "College."

6. Gun Fight (The Berlin File)
Whip it good.

5. Furniture Fight (Chinese Zodiac)
You still got it [clap clap clap-clap-clap].

4. Car Chase Fight (Special ID)
Two great tastes that taste great together.

3. Train Station Fight (The Grandmaster)
That is one long ass train. The filmmakers spent two months on this scene.

2. Dojo Fight (Ninja: Shadow of a Tear)
A direct-to-video production that puts Hollywood to shame.

1. Car Park/Elevator Fight (New World)
If New World is a cross between The Godfather and The Departed, then this scene is Scorsese's version of Sonny at the tollbooth.

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