Jesse Cornell Blues

I can't fall asleep nowadays without feeling like I'm gonna die. At some point every night, while lying in bed, I feel my heart failing and freak out internally.

McKern successfully guilted me into standardly tipping 20%.

20% should be easier to calculate than 12% or 15%, but I increasingly find myself multiplying by hand.

6 times 2 is 12, carry the 1…

As someone who was classically trained in arithmetic (i.e. Kumon), struggling to calculate 20% in my head is mortifying.

While it's the right thing to do, tipping 20% feels like paying a hidden fee. I feel stung by my generosity. When you add tip, an innocuous $82.00 bill balloons to…

0 times 2, 2 plus 6…

To almost $100.00!

In my youth, my mother hired someone to tutor me in using an abacus. In retrospect, why did my mother want me to master use of an abacus in the '90s?


  1. steven 06 Jan 14 at 12:53

    i tip 20 percent standard. just think 2 bucks for every 10.

  2. Ryan McKern 12 Jan 14 at 03:44



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