The Radiator Hums

I am so confused by this Selfie Olympics entry:

That was his best idea?

Rory: You assume that he had other ideas.
Rory: Also:
Rory: "Senior year of high school, I (unintentionally) wore blackface to school one day as part of a vision I wanted to realise that also involved colouring my hair grey and dressing in a bright orange polo shirt, bright orange board shorts, and suspenders."
Jon: Like I said, that was to realise a vision! You think I'd do that for fuckin' selfie? No!

A good indictment of how narcissistic our culture has become is the number of blooper reels on YouTube for user-generated YouTube content.

• science project BLOOPERS by greg and keenan
• My room tour bloopers
• Drugstore Haul Bloopers!

A YouTube video should have to reach 100,000 views before its author(s) can post a blooper reel for it.

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