Swim out past the breakers, watch the world die

This week already gave us Jamie Casino, and now, signing today…

"Squally Canada, Wazzu" – Sunday Night Football player introduction or gibberish?

Kevin: Squally has to be a nickname.
Jon: For… Pasquale Canada?

Canada's first name is actually Bryant but Squally is the nickname that stuck after it was given to him by his father. On the way home from the hospital the day he was born, his dad started calling him Boo-Squally. Shortly after, it just became Squally. [source]

Marvel's Agents of N.A.F.T.A.: Captain America, Squally Canada, Ron Mexico.

Band Name Idea: The Desperation 3.

According to Wikipedia, the theme of this year's Super Bowl halftime show was trap music.

Bruno Mars has released two albums, both ten songs long, and both yielding six singles. Including "It Will Rain," almost two-thirds of his oeuvre is singles. That's Beatles fertile. He could issue a legitimate greatest hits album right now.

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