Centennial Man

What does that thing above 33 denote?

Oh! It's Colorado's flag.

Colorado's flag looks corporate. Free association: Red Bull.

I want this Colorado flag hoodie.

Adam Robot doesn't think that I could hack it in Colorado, that I would ever fit in.

I'm tempted to prolong my stay just to prove him wrong. Find a sublet. I'll show you, motherfucker.

I met a number of people this weekend in Boulder who assumed that I lived in Boulder.

When I told them that I'm actually visiting from California, they all replied, "What part? I'm from California too."

An Etsy vendor combined Colorado and California's flags:

It looks like Cubs merch.


  1. Eric Rogers 10 Dec 17 at 10:34

    Respectfully may I purchase this shirt? Great work

    1. Eric Rogers 10 Dec 17 at 10:36

      The blue Colorado flag hoodie


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