The spirit gone, man is garbage

Is there a worse phrase in the English language than "she wants the D"?

Tony Kornheiser noted that in sports, the word "defense" is a trochee, while outside of sports, the word "defense" is an iamb.

Jon: Public sculpture game. Name the city. For example: Bear, dustpan, devil horse = Denver.

Jon: Top hat. Macaroni noodle. Love.
Tony: Oh. Philadelphia.

Jon: Bow and arrow. Skull in bunny's mouth.
Tony: San Francisco?
Jon: Correct. My final clue was Yoda, heh.

Jon: For Seattle? Uhh… Boots, popsicle, troll. Troll or Jimi Hendrix.

Denver's public transportation has the nicest seats of any public transportation system I've ever used. Plumply cushioned seats on municipal buses? Inconceivable.

Jon: The first screening is at Boulder High School.
Pepe: Is that where the shooting happened?
Jon: [pause]

Jon: How do you not know Columbine? Shit, you won a Pulitzer Prize for covering a school shooting!

Our film also screened in Boulder at eTown Hall, a repurposed church – one of several repurposed buildings that I visited in Colorado. The restaurant Linger is a repurposed mortuary; the restaurant Root Down is a repurposed gas station/garage; three colleges share a student union that is a repurposed brewery; and The Source, a public market, is a repurposed steel foundry. They all retain historic charms niftily and harmoniously, unlike, say, Limelight Shops in New York City.

Why do all frozen yogurt shops use a green/magenta colour scheme?

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