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In France, Germany, and Italy – not insignificant film countries – the Oscars were telecast from 2:30am to 6:00am on a Monday. If you live in France, Germany, or Italy and are interested in the Oscars, do you just power through the rest of Oscar Monday every year?

In Vietnam and Thailand, the Oscars were telecast from 8:30am to noon. If you live in Vietnam or Thailand and are interested in the Oscars, do you skip work or school on Oscar Monday every year?

Not pictured: Liza Minnelli

Pepe: Lena Dunham likes the trailer for our film.
Jon: Uhh… Okay…

Jon: Wait, you cold-mailed her?!

Jon: Hi, Lena. You don't know me, and I loathe your show, but what is your gut reaction to this trailer for my documentary film?

Jon: "Speaking of promotion, please let me know how I can help." Oh lord…

Hide your kids, hide your wife. I have Lena Dunham's Gmail address.

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