Choad Work Ahead / Road Head

Which Wu-Tang-Clan-themed poutine are you?

I'm a Pinky Ring.

The Black Lodge is a Twin Peaks-themed vegetarian restaurant in Vancouver, BC.

Portland Craft is a Portland, OR-inspired restaurant in Vancouver, BC. On the menu: A small pickle plate called "We Can Pickle That," and a fried chicken and waffle platter called "Put a Bird on It."

Transylvanian Traditions is a bakery in Vancouver, BC. Its tagline is "The heaven of desserts."

A jambalaya with bacon and black bean salsa? (Cactus Club Cafe)

"biodynamic aged risotto" (Farmer's Apprentice)

Pulled Pork Doughnuts (Twisted Fork Bistro)
"tossed in sea salt with pulled pork juices"

Perogy Poutine (Smoke's Poutinerie)

• Bamboo-Charcoal Dark Miso Ramen (Motomachi Shokudo)
The charcoal powder is said to clean toxins from the body.

Raw Vegan Avocado Key Lime Pie (The Pie Hole)

If JJ Bean and L.L. Bean mated… Jelly Bean.

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