Everything must die for anyone to matter

Masturbators gonna bate bate bate bate bate and
Vibrators gonna brate brate brate brate brate
Oh here comes e-jac-u-late late late late late
Need a sock, or a cloth

Rory: Terrible.

My ex-man brought his new girlfriend
She's like "Oh my God," but I'm just gonna wank
And to the fella over there with the hella good hair
Won't you cum all over my face while I wank, wank, wank

Rory: [pause] This is why Adam Riff™ is blocked in schools.
Jon: I have others!

Upperclassmen gonna haze haze haze haze haze and
Buttholes are gonna ache ache ache ache ache
Angry parents gonna cry "rape" "rape" "rape" "rape"
Pay them off, pay them off

Jon: …No?

Wayne and Garth are gonna "way" "way" "way" "way" "way" and
Bill Hader's gonna break break break break break
As Stefon on Weekend Up-date date date date
S-N-L, S-N-L

Men on Film are gonna hate hate hate hate hate and
Homey ain't gonna play play play play pl—
Rory: Ehh…

Taylor Swift's discography isn't on Spotify, but these covers are:

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