Eater's Digest: Seattle 2

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October 2014

damn the weather / pie bar / crumble and flake / paseo / hot cakes / rocco's / nacho borracho / babirusa / family dinner / quality athletics / salumi / pizzeria gabbiano / trove / pomerol

Gold Stars

Sweet Potato Dumplings (Damn the Weather)
brown butter, marjoram, pecorino

Caramel Corn (Damn the Weather)
garam masala
—Addictive Indian-carnival fusion.

Salt and Pepper Chicken Skins (Damn the Weather)
chili, peanuts

Shallot Rösti Potato (Pomerol)

"Oh. Heh. The top slice of bread is an 'egg in the basket.'"

Caesar Salad Sandwich (Damn the Weather)
parmesan, anchovy, egg, on brioche

A sandwich I didn't know I needed.

Pastrami Burger (Damn the Weather)
sauerkraut, thousand island, pickles
—A sandwich I don't need.

Drinking Caramel (Damn the Weather)
salt and pepper gelato
—The salt and pepper gelato sits in the caramel like an ice cube and is no joke.

Zombie Macaron (Crumble and Flake)
lime, grapefruit, rum, cinnamon

Salumi is a salumeria owned and operated by Mario Batali's parents and sister.

Porchetta Sandwich (Salumi)
pork butt stuffed with meatball mix and spices, braised for a long time

A different porchetta sandwich than the kind I'm used to, with carrot, celery, and onion instead of crackling and mustard, but no less delicious. It reminded me of a chunky soup.

Smoked Salmon Wings (Quality Athletics)
pickled shallots, coriander honey glaze, pickled peppers

Salmon collars.

Duck Wings (Quality Athletics)
jerk spice, pickled pomegranate seeds

Oof. There was barely any meat on the bones, and it was nigh impossible to extract, so I ingested a scorching jerk spice more than anything.

He made a pasta sauce from scratch?!

Family Dinner (Tony's Flat)
salad / pasta / garlic bread / apple cider

I had no idea how much Tony likes cooking, or how good he is at it.

I heard noise in his kitchen early (0600?) Tuesday morning and wondered what he was doing. Answer: Cooking acorn squash to bring to work for lunch.

Pizzeria Gabbiano is a lunch spot serving Roman-style pizza that's cut with kitchen shears and sold by the kilo. Its seasonally-inspired toppings are hit or miss. I tried one pizza topped with stracoto, stilton, radicchio, and walnuts that was a bitter salad on bread.

Baby Greens, Panna Cotta, Pecans (Babirusa)
—A salad with pudding in place of cheese.

Kimchee Pancake, Chili, Soy (Babirusa)
—An earlier version of this pancake contained octopus too.

Trove is four concepts in one: Korean barbecue, noodle counter, bar, and parfait window.

The parfait window sells two different versions of three frozen custard parfaits – an old school version and a new school version.

New School Banana Split Parfait (Trove)
passion fruit tapioca, chili chocolate sauce, rice crunch

I could not finish eating it. The passion fruit was unbearably acrid. And while passion fruit and chocolate pair well, the chocolate felt out of place.

The glass jar is yours to keep.

Missed Connections

Salmon Hot Dog (Damn the Weather)
cream cheese, onions, salsa verde, on an everything bun

IPA Berry and Pineapple Weed Sorbet (Pomerol)
marshmallow spread, berry compote, hazelnut crumb


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