The Marathon Continues

Do any airlines still offer complimentary decks of playing cards?

I worry about the future of playing cards. They brought me so much joy, and, like, I'm not sure my nine-year-old nephew can even shuffle a deck of cards.

Playing cards > LEGOs.


I remember inexplicably owning a book of 101 bug jokes as a lad and thinking, "When am I ever gonna need a joke about a bug, let alone a G-rated one?"

I remember reading a book of dirty jokes that contained an inordinate number of jokes about the enormity of Polish dudes' penises. The Polish man uses a Thermos as a condom – ha ha?

One of my classmates at the time was a Polish dude, and I couldn't look at him without thinking about how massive his dick must be.

I see that Viacom Media Networks finally removed the StumbleUpon share button from its video player.

21st Century Scavenger Hunt
• Someone who uses Foursquare
• Someone who uses Bing Maps
• Someone who uses a Surface as a laptop
• Someone who got a job via LinkedIn
• A popular male vlogger who isn't gay or white

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  1. Cangrejero 09 Feb 15 at 09:01

    Singapore Airlines offers free decks of playing cards. Also, I was recruited for a job via linkedin and interviewed twice but didn't get the job.


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