Like a light-skinned slave, we in the motherfuckin' house

What if you learned that the world was ending in five days? A total implosion, so don't bother with a bunker. Nothing will survive. What would you do?

How do you cross stuff off a bucket list when no one has any incentive to help you do so? Why would pilots fly anyone anywhere? Why would chefs cook anything for anyone?

Chafboy: i'd wanna go to space
Jon: how would you go to space?
Chafboy: surely if the planet is gonna end, there would be scientists gearing up to take some peeps up there. i'd try to kill them to get on board
Jon: okay, but a spacecraft launch requires people who remain on earth. why would they help you flee? unless they believe in an afterlife, which….scientists

Do any doctors or police stay on the job? Why would anyone try to maintain the status quo? To avoid going to Hell?

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