Carnage Asada

Halloween costume: "That thing on Aaron Neville's forehead."

Around 1986, Dave approved my transcribing an old episode of the show, then using this as a script to remake that episode with other actors playing him, Paul, and the guests. Richard Roundtree — Shaft! — was to play Dave.

I once pitched an "interrupt bit" called "What Do You Think of This?" It was simple and to the point. In the middle of the Top Ten, fellow writer and slovenly comedian Louis C.K. walks out to home base, lifts his T-shirt to reveal his engorged fat stomach, then asks Dave, "What do you think of this?"

"All Week Long William F. Buckley Rates the Mustard." The idea was that Mr. Buckley would come in through the blue doors in the NBC studio, hold up a jar of mustard, and eat a teaspoonful. With great importance, he'd ponder the flavor and describe the mustard's most pronounced qualities, then say something like, "That's mama's milk!" or "For intravenous use only!"

After the idea was shot down, I likely resubmitted it suggesting we replace Buckley with Manute Bol.

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