Nobody barks orders to Mad Max

"Fuck! Goddammit!"

I banged my left knee into a filing cabinet on my way to my bathroom to pee this morning.

Injuring a knee, being unable to do cardio for an extended period of time, and getting fat has replaced gynecomastia as my biggest fear. I have, a number of times, run for 80+ minutes on my left toes, powering through plantar fasciitis in my left foot, because I couldn't stand letting calories go unburned.

Earlier this year, I added lap swimming to my workout rotation to help preserve my knees, but had to stop because the water in my gym's pool was wrecking my sinuses. And while I can afford to pay for access to other 25m+ pools in my area, I also need to save money for possible knee replacement surgeries.

If only those vibrating belt machines worked.

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