NBC is weak

Previously on Adam Riff™:

Okay, 1. It's 2014. Why are you still handing out CDs? Just share your music on the Internet!, and 2. How can you expect me to give you money for a CD that I didn't ask for?

After declining to give him money, what if I hadn't relinquished the CD-R that he handed me? What if I just ran off with it? Would he chase me down?

SF Pride

After running into a barricade of CD peddlers in San Francisco, I thought: Instead, why don't they figure out how to give away their music à la U2's last album? Somehow force their music onto the phones of passersby.

After passing a homeless man distributing a homeless newspaper in San Francisco, I thought: A homeless tabloid. Homeless TMZ. Homeless BuzzFeed. 22 Things Only Homeless People Will Understand.

And while chilling on a balcony in San Francisco, I thought of chases across rooftops, which led to… Idea: A fake adjoining rooftops course – like a rock climbing wall, but for running/parkour.

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