Furp Rock

This Halsey song chorus:

We are the new Americana
High on legal marijuana
Raised on Biggie and Nirvana
We are the new Americana

And you just know that Americanans raised after Biggie and Nirvana are gonna eat it up.

Rory: They'll make it up to you in the year 2000.

Fool's Gold Day Off headliners be taking Ls this summer.

If only Future was headlining the Atlanta one.

Morimoto Karaoke
Iron Chef Morimoto shares his expertise in the art of sushi rolling and rocks the stage with his hidden talent.

Truffle Shuffle w/ Mina Test Kitchen & DJ Vin Sol
Chef Adam Sobel is joined by dance instructor Julia Hubara to reinterpret the infamous Truffle Shuffle. Fans must shuffle for a taste of his Truffle Ribeye Cheesesteak.

PopStars w/ Emilie Baltz and Dan Deacon
Dan Deacon provides the sweet sounds for this lickable popsicle orchestra imagined by experiential artist & storyteller, Emilie Baltz. Join them on stage to help bring this concept to life, one lick at a time.

A lickable popsicle orchestra?

Baltz's lickable orchestra with ice cream

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