Treasure the Chesapeake

A Copy of My Mind
Joko Anwar, Indonesia/South Korea

She gives facials in a cheap beauty salon. He makes subtitles for pirated DVDs. They find a soulmate in each other. But their love is threatened to a tragic end when she stumbles upon evidence of a corruption case linked to a presidential candidate's closest aides.


Airlines should display a real-time seating chart at boarding gates that allows you to see which seats are still available and the ages of the people who will be sitting around you.

On my flight to Washington, D.C. was a stroller-pushing father wearing an Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group shirt.

Alvin and the Chipmunks, American Football

Idea: A parody of "All Day" by Kanye West about Old Bay Seasoning.

Idea: A parody of "All Day" by Kanye West about breakfast being served all day.

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