I received a call last Monday while in Washington, D.C.

J: Hey, when are you scheduled to fly home from New York City?
Jon: Next Monday.
J: Can you fly to Los Angeles instead? I need you here.
Jon: For how long?
J: Indefinitely? When is TIFF? Can you fly to Toronto from Los Angeles?
Jon: What? No. I can't be on the road for five weeks straight! I only packed for one week.

I negotiated my time in Los Angeles down to "until Labor Day weekend."

Last Wednesday while in Washington, D.C….

Jon: Hey, what's your wi-fi network?
Jon Wilcox: "BD's Mongolian WiFi."
Jon: Oh, heh. That's why my phone has been asking for the password to "BD's Mongolian WiFi" all night. I thought it was a bug. "I don't recall passing a BD's Mongolian Grill today…"

There are no Panda Expresses in China, but there is a BD's Mongolian Grill in Mongolia.

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