Today marks the 15th anniversary of Adam Riff™.

I wish I still had the time and energy to invest in this website that I had in my 20s, but even at 60, 70%, I can't quit it. I feel restless and hollow when I don't update.

So Adam Riff™ beats on, like Vanna White, a content relic, diminished but undeterred.

For Adam Riff™'s 10th anniversary, I distilled a decade of Adam Riff™ into 22 links.

For Adam Riff™'s 15th anniversary, let's add 11 more to the list.

10 Sep 00
Translating Southern United States English

09 Apr 01
"I am pleased to announce the inception of Jonathan Yu's Wrestlepalooza, the granddaddy of imaginary sports entertainment events on the internet."

07 Nov 01
"The following are the incomplete production notes for my take on a summer movie."

05 Apr 02
"I gave The Rock a thumbs up."

17 May 02

03 Aug 02
"I went and bought a pre-packed quart of chocolate chip ice cream, ate some of it, inseminated the container and put it in the freezer."

10 Feb 03
"Yeah, I assaulted a bum."

20 May 03
"'Hey, um, I waited in line for Star Wars right next to you last year and I think it's pretty weird that it's mid-May again and we're both in Hollywood waiting in line for the same screening…again.'"

27 Jul 03
"—Let's go to Montreal, said Jord."

05 Apr 04
"Yes, I have a child."

01 Jun 04
"On May 10, our class of 16 interviewed Al Pacino."

17 Dec 04
Snowing Is Half the Battle

10 Mar 05
"I noticed an increasing number of links to the Kidz Bop track."

08 Apr 05
George Lucas' Sith City

18 May 05
Senator Palpatine's Lonely Darth Command

19 Jul 05
"Yes, my mother asked a professional fortune teller to assess my future."

15 Mar 06
"Tyler Hansbrough and Beaker — separated at birth."

20 May 06

05 Jul 07
"On the ride home, the euphoria of the preceding days crashed spectacularly."

09 Feb 09
The Dark Chef

28 Jun 09
Memorable quotes for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on IMDb

30 Apr 10
Size of Your Life

18 Jul 11
"I believe that the best way to experience a city is to eat it."

25 Jul 11

01 Aug 11
Fantasy MLB Commissioner

10 Nov 11
"Compton is Williamsburg."

19 Jul 12
Breakfasting Bad

04 Sep 12
"The centerpiece of the issue was gonna be a longread on my snoring, which I have decided to revive and serialize on Adam Riff™."
[Someday I will write parts 2 through 4.]

19 Mar 13

29 May 13
Let's cast an NHL coaches movie!

08 Oct 14
"And Renton is Compton."

24 Dec 14
Fight Scenes of the Year

26 May 15
The Best Pictures: 2000-2014

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