Road Rules: Northern Trail

I am back from Toronto, after an 18-hour-long journey on two hours of sleep in which:

» My flight from Toronto to Los Angeles was delayed (0800 to 0910)

» I was held back from passing through Customs in Toronto because my delayed flight wasn't scheduled to depart as soon as others (0845, 0900 vs. 0910)

» The airplane to Los Angeles circled Arizona for 20 minutes because LAX was slammed

» My connecting flight at LAX was cancelled

» The next flight out with an available seat was four hours later, delayed 15 minutes

» The next flight out with an available seat was cancelled

During my time in Toronto, $1.00 USD was ≈$1.30 CAD, so everything was ≈25% off to me, which got me thinking.

Vancouver, British Columbia is my favourite city on Earth. Why don't I live there while the exchange rate is so favourable? I can stay in Canada for 180 days without a visa.

But…winter is coming.

Also, mobile service.

I kinda want to travel up to Seattle in two weeks for my birthday.

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  1. rob 28 Sep 15 at 12:44

    Yeah, but winter in vancouver isn't really winter. You need an umbrella, not a parka.


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