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This time in Toronto, I experienced mad déjà vu.

While waiting for my order at a burritoria cheekily decorated with framed photographs of donkeys, I saw pamphlets on my table for The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada.

"Please become a Guardian of the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada. […] Yes, I would like more information about the DSC's Sponsor a Donkey Plan."

Is this cheekiness too? I wondered.

A: No.

The Sanctuary rescues the donkey with hooves so long it lives in constant pain and cannot walk. It saves a terrified mule shivering in a pen in a slaughterhouse. It offers a home to a much-loved donkey whose aging owners can no longer provide adequate care.

Of course it's in Guelph. Of course.

Why does Toronto have a logo?

The only other city with a logo I can think of is New York City.

This is an actual stage production.

Idea: A Con Air-themed donair restaurant.

Is it "donair" or "döner"?

organ döner – offal cooked on a vertical rotisserie
blood döner – blood sausage, vertically rotissed
bone marrow döner – extravagant street food

These headshots…

The toonie is the sexiest coin in North America.

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