I fight babies like you, baby


Googling "California Selfie Conservancy" turns up nothing, but the field guide checks out. As for Data and Society…

Starring Rick Fox and Lolo Jones.

What is fun about that match-up?

The zombies are at least ninjas in this film.

Bears vs. Zombies (2016)
Ursidae or Ursigays? I hope it's both.

Alexander Ludwig stars in two 2015 films about final girls – The Final Girls and Final Girl.

Former Chopped champions are pushed to their limits when they return to compete in an epic four-part tournament in CHOPPED: IMPOSSIBLE, premiering on Thursday, October 22nd at 8pm ET/PT.

Robert Irvine will command a seat on the judging panel.

Three competitors will power on to the Grand Finale, where one will win the chance to throw down in an impossibly daunting wild card round: against Chef Robert. [source]

Having exhausted ideas for themed episodes, Chopped adds a boss battle?

Isn't this just Beat Bobby Flay with more preliminary rounds?

Has Chopped done an episode with four wrestlers yet?

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