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SMH, Oregon.

The West Coast: We hate gluten, but we looove corn syrup!

Look at Arizona being cultured.

Toblerone, to me, is an old people candy, like Werther's. Toblerone is what you eat when no other snacks are left in a hotel mini-bar.

Oreos are not candy?

Appalachia: Swedish Fish, Oreos, Whoppers, and Candy Corn – yeesh.

Vermont and New Hampshire: The Oregon of New England.

Jon: I think this is the year that I finally distribute candy canes to trick-or-treaters.
Jon: K-Cups are too expensive.

Rory: You should distribute candy canes dressed as the Easter Bunny.
Jon: Heh.

Jon: Do red, white, and blue candy canes exist?
Rory: Probably. Or just mix in Hanukkah candy canes.
Rory: Or distribute candy hearts.
Rory: Then erect a Halloween display for Christmas.

Jon: Patriotic nativity scene: Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt as the Magi. Washington as Joseph. Lady Liberty as Mary. Jesus clothed in army fatigues.
Rory: Decorate the barn with a Fathead of Brett Favre.
Jon: Uncle Sam-ta with a sack full of guns riding a mobility scooter being pulled by bald eagles.

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