Adam Riff™ Clip of the Week

43. Man Zone (Nathan for You, S03E02)

Honourable Mention

Stray Observations

  • "Angel hair? That's the least scary pasta." (Bob's Burgers, S06E03)
  • "Who wants to be a Yoda?" (The Simpsons, S27E04)
  • "Grown-up Halloween seemed pretty fun."
    "I saw an areola!" (The Simpsons, S27E04)
  • "We only solve misdemeanors, wieners." (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, S03E04)
  • "Women love planning parties. It's in the Bible." (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, S03E04)
  • "Not today, nibs!" (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, S03E04)
  • "This preamble is making me nibby." (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, S03E04)
  • Eating raw turtle (The Walking Dead, S06E02)
  • "Who wants a hug?" (The Leftovers, S02E03)
  • ♫: Tangled Eye – "Jesus I'm Calling" (The Leftovers, S02E03)
  • "Cheese will make you feel better." (The Last Man on Earth, S02E04)
  • "Their friendship is worth way more than this cheese." (The Last Man on Earth, S02E04)
  • The Merc, the warehouse where all the local criminals buy their weapons (Gotham, S02E05)
  • "Can we get a price check on brass knuckles in toxic green?" (Gotham, S02E05)
  • ♫: Burl Ives – "One Hour Ahead of the Posse" (Fargo, S02E02)
  • ♫: Jeff Wayne – "The Eve of War" (Fargo, S02E02)
  • "Enjoy your childhood, because when you grow up, the world will be out of water." (Grandfathered, S01E04)
  • "I love Space Mountain, but I love my penis more." (Scream Queens, S01E06)
  • A quartering! (The Bastard Executioner, S01E07)
  • Jake Tapper (Empire, S02E05)
  • "The only commandments I want followed here are mine." (Empire, S02E05)
  • "You're asking me to come and watch somebody dunk you in tap water." (Empire, S02E05)
  • "We're CEO churchgoers at best."
    "What does that mean?"
    "Christmas and Easter only." (Black-ish, S02E05)
  • "I don't want to go to a place worse than hell. I've already been to a WNBA game." (Black-ish, S02E05)
  • "God's everywhere – except WNBA games. Nobody goes to those." (Black-ish, S02E05)
  • "Is it crazy that this is one of the best Sundays I've had in a while? I mean, ever since Jack made me give up those WNBA tickets." (Black-ish, S02E05)
  • WNBA joke overkill (Black-ish, S02E05)
  • Bernie Madoff swindled Lady Gaga (American Horror Story, S05E03)
  • ♫: The Jesus and Mary Chain – "Just Like Honey" (American Horror Story, S05E03)
  • ♫: The Cure – "Siamese Twins" (American Horror Story, S05E03)
  • "No pity party in my bar!" (American Horror Story, S05E03)
  • Denis O'Hare referencing Lawrence Harvey, his character in S01 (American Horror Story, S05E03)
  • Chris Geere's pronunciation of "hakuna matata" (You're the Worst, S02E07)

(Nathan for You, S03E02)

The gun shop clerk's text tone is the "uh oh" notification noise from ICQ (Nathan for You, S03E02)

Flying scarecrow (Nathan for You, S03E02)

  • "As the evening fog rolled in over the Malibu hills, I couldn't help but feel like it might just be the white breath of God opening his mouth to say, 'Nice work.'" (Nathan for You, S03E02)

(Nathan for You, S03E02)

(Nathan for You, S03E02)

  • "Virginity is a man's idea, meant to shame." (The Knick, S02E02)


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