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truTV Celebrates the Holiday Season With The Ultimate Christmas Competition "Santas in the Barn"

Ten Santas from across the country are brought to live in a barn to compete with each other in an array of challenges showcasing their holiday skills, from chimney climbing and gift wrapping, to milk and cookie chugging and gingerbread-house building.

Why are they living in a barn?

These would-be St. Nicks have to vote out their peers over the course of 8 episodes, all counting down to a Christmas Eve grand finale where the last Santa standing will win $100,000 and the title of America's Best Santa!

Santa tribal council!


I feel comfortable judging this book by its cover.

Hair Jacked
Host Jon Gabrus ambushes unsuspecting hair salon clients with lively and twisted pop culture games that can pay up to $10K or leave them with the most outrageous haircut of their lives.

You could also do this at a laundromat and fuck up people's clothes as punishment.

In this guerilla-style game show, contestants must choose random people in a public place – based solely on their appearance – to answer questions on their behalf.

I'm curious to see how many people with brown or black skin are chosen.

I think this concept only works if everyone in the public place looks similar — white male Santas in a barn, for example.

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