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Previously on Adam Riff™:
I am chuffed to present Backwash, a podcast by Adam Robot and I.

Episode 6:

1. White Dudes Wearing Shorts in Cold Weather / "Same Old Love" / Vampire Selfies / Gift Cards
2. Virtual Reality / Auto Shows
3. Fuller House / MADtv's 20th Anniversary Reunion / Guns N' Roses
4. Jon's Ideas
5. What Horrible Things Did We Do to Our Penises Last Year?

I got a new mic, so the sound quality is better.

Oh and Backwash is also available in the iTunes store now!

Expanding on an idea I share in the above podcast…

Idea: One day, all of the guns in the world mysteriously vanish. How do gun owners react, particularly when they realize that everyone's guns vanished?

Law enforcement, gangsters, and terrorists can bluff for only so long.

While hunting lions in a remote location, a poacher's guns disappear, and his mobile cannot pick up a signal.

Two high school students plan to shoot up their school and then commit suicide, but on the day of their planned shooting, they cannot find the guns they planned to use.

Murder weapons in active cases go missing.

Crossbow sales skyrocket. Bombings increase.

As soon as a gun maker finishes making a gun, it vanishes. No new guns.

Television Show Idea: The Wirer. Namond Brice is now a Baltimore detective. He joins a detail investigating Michael Lee's drug-dealing organization. Dukie is an informant for Namond's team.


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  1. Russell 13 Jan 16 at 05:00

    Socks with sandals guy admonishes people who wear shorts in winter? Just spectacular.


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