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The URL is "millennials-hate-napkins."

Millennials are killing the paper napkin industry.

Younger consumers are opting instead for paper towels at the dinner table.

I'm pretty sure the paper napkin industry also makes paper towels.

Consumers view napkins as a less economical choice than paper towels. "It's one less thing to buy."

Also, paper towels are packaged tidily in a standardized roll. Napkins are a motley lot that can be a pain to organize neatly.

The Washington Post notes several other reasons for the decline of the napkin.

For one, paper towels are more functional than napkins, thanks to their ability to clean up messes of all sizes.

Ehhh… Napkins are as functional as paper towels. You can clean up messes of all sizes with napkins too, just like you can blow your nose with toilet paper, and wipe your butt with facial tissues.

Shit, you can blow your nose and wipe your butt with paper towels too – three less things to buy!

Additionally, the Post notes how fewer millennials are eating meals at home, which is also contributing to the decline of napkin purchases.

Does anyone buy drinking straws? If needed, I just grab some at Chick-fil-A (I like the quality of its straws).

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  1. Adam 08 Apr 16 at 15:27

    I load up on those Chipotle forks. Millennials don't buy forks.


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