Live-Thog: Suicide Squad

Not feeling Marvel Studios' new logo.

I have Samuel L. Jackson fatigue.

Louisiana exists in the DC universe, but New York City does not.

Hotel Cortez.

Easy on the music cues, Ayer.

How much steak did Viola Davis have to spit out?

Free association: Driving down Yonge Street = Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Yonge Street geography is wonky. Joker drives past the Hard Rock Cafe twice.

Is that Kyle Bornheimer?

Who is this playing the casino boss? Is he a rapper?

Joel Kinnaman eating a drumstick in the dark.

Waller knew that June released Enchantress by opening an idol, yet kept a similar idol on a shelf in her home, unguarded.

Will Smith's dialogue makes you appreciate George Lucas' writing.

"Without Me"! To Meyers Leonard's delight.

Title drop!

Yonge-Dundas is both Gotham City and Midway City.

The Native American dies first – twist!

I'm confused. Waller sent them on a mission to rescue her?! Never mind the SWIRLING SKY PORTAL nearby…

Aaaand rain arrives, because of course.

"Not me, shorty."

Killer Croc is Will Smith's dialogue incarnate.

A suicide squad of shitty Marvel film villains: Ultron, Ronan, Electro, Malekith, Whiplash…

Killer Croc wants BET.

Killer Croc watching BET Uncut.

Jared Leto was second-billed for seven minutes of screen time.

That was Adebisi as Killer Croc?

Not Kyle Bornheimer — Hopper on Stranger Things.

Each Twenty One Pilots single is more irritating than the last.

Random stars.

A Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead-type film that follows Joker during the events of Suicide Squad.

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  1. Mike 08 Aug 16 at 08:31

    The DC Universe has all their fake cities and all real cities, including New York. Superman has visited the UN before.


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