All the spoils of a wasted life

Rory: Why are you doing this?
Jon: It came to me in my sleep last night.
Rory: That Wes Anderson is the white M. Night Shyamalan?

Wide Awake = Bottle Rocket
The Sixth Sense = Rushmore
Unbreakable = The Royal Tenenbaums
Signs = The Life Aquatic
The Village = The Darjeeling Limited
Lady in the Water = Fantastic Mr. Fox
The Happening = Moonrise Kingdom
The Last Airbender = The Grand Budapest Hotel
After Earth = Untitled stop-motion film about dogs

Jon: Hmm… Fantastic Mr. Fox (haven't seen) probably isn't Wes' Lady in the Water (also haven't seen), but The Darjeeling Limited is definitely his Village, and Moonrise Kingdom is definitely his Happening.
Rory: Swap The Royal Tenenbaums and The Life Aquatic.

Rory: Ha. The episode titles for Insecure:

Jon: Hmm…

Bottle Rocket = Guilty as Fuck
Rushmore = Insecure as Fuck
The Royal Tenenbaums = Broken as Fuck
The Life Aquatic = Messy as Fuck
The Darjeeling Limited = Racist as Fuck
Fantastic Mr. Fox = Shady as Fuck? (haven't seen)
Moonrise Kingdom = Thirsty as Fuck
The Grand Budapest Hotel = Real as Fuck

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