Sleep in the heat and repeat

// Hudson Square, Manhattan

Uhh, this elevator has no buttons.

Oh. When you scan your pass to enter the elevator bank, the screen on the gate assigns you to an elevator.

So you're restricted to your destination floor and the lobby unless you have outside company in your elevator.

» afternoon

[persistent honking]

Why is all that noise?

Oh. It's drivers trying to enter the Holland Tunnel.

If office space around the Holland Tunnel isn't discounted, it should be.

// Union Square, Manhattan

Huh. A combination Capital One Bank and Peet's Coffee.

Oh. Capital One Cafés exist throughout the country.

Here, you can take care of everyday banking needs or just get cozy with free Wi-Fi and hand-crafted Peet's beverages.

// Long Island City, Queens

A one-mile race?

$20 for the first third of a P.E. class.

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