Let's get gory, like a Tarantino movie


Deadline's interview with Cameron Crowe revealed that Crowe wrote [Jerry Maguire] for … Tom Hanks! Who knew??? That almost broke my brain. (Yes, Hanks turned it down.) Crowe also revealed that Connie Britton nearly ended up with the Renée Zellweger part and that Cuba Gooding Jr. beat out Jamie Foxx for Rod Tidwell. I continue to think that "Hollywood Movie Casting What-ifs" would be a riveting book.

As Hollywood seems to be remaking or rebooting everything, why not remake or reboot projects with actors who passed on the original or were beaten out?

Remake Jerry Maguire with Tom Hanks, Connie Britton, and Jamie Foxx.

Reboot The Sopranos with Ray Liotta as Tony Soprano.

Yes, a remake of White Men Can't Jump is wholly unnecessary, but what if it actualised a parallel universe? Eh?

According to White Men Can't Jump's IMDb trivia, Charlie Sheen was the first choice for the role of Billy Hoyle, and Fox wanted Denzel Washington for the role of Sidney Dean.

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