Breathing fire doesn't look good on a résumé


Notorious in Toronto and virtually unknown elsewhere, Sicilian Vampire star/director/producer/musician Frank D'Angelo is a dubiously talented businessman with a lot of cash to throw around, primarily (presumably) thanks to D'Angelo Brands, a company whose wares include the energy drink Cheetah Power Surge. Since 2010, he's also been the host of The Being Frank Show, a late-night talk show taped weekly at the Forget About It Supper Club, one of D'Angelo's two restaurants. It looks like a real show but it's really just an infomercial D'Angelo has paid for, interrupted only by commercials for his own products. He's also cranked out a series of albums in the Seth MacFarlane–big-band vein and claims to have written 500 songs.

In 2013, D'Angelo decided he wanted to make films and he started with Real Gangsters, a mob film starring himself whose general tenor can be gathered from this opening snippet of dialogue: "The finality of life, it sucks big fuckin' cock." Sicilian Vampire is his fourth film, a feat of productivity made possible by D'Angelo's decision to shoot all his films in five days or less. All of these films cost at least $5 million Canadian (about $3.7 million U.S.), with actors paid in cash. [source]

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