The ceiling is the roof

// Las Vegas, NV

I saw this on my flight to Vegas:

He'd been unable to find a Taiwanese barbecue sauce near Burbank? Has he never heard of the San Gabriel Valley – or the internet?

"Maybe they'll have it in a city that's 3.2% Asian!"

I saw this while flipping through "the luxury lifestyle magazine of the Venetian and the Palazzo":

Sheldon Adelson straight jacked a Vegas competitor.

Caesars Entertainment gotta build Venice Atlantic City in response.

Trivia Question Idea: How many replicas of the Eiffel Tower/Statue of Liberty exist?

The Palazzo has neither a fourth floor nor a 13th floor – nor a 14th floor that's actually the 13th floor.

I'll be in Vegas for the second night of the Pac-12 Tournament, and I'm considering purchasing tickets to see my UCLA Bruins.

For some reason, I can't access SeatGeek via my hotel's wi-fi.

I can access SeatGeek via my mobile's LTE, and I can access StubHub via my hotel's wi-fi, but I can't access SeatGeek via my hotel's wi-fi.

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