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On my flight to Toronto, someone sitting in front of me watched the Robert De Niro Bernie Madoff film twice.

// Toronto, ON


Every time I visit Canada, it seems like its credit card technology has advanced some more past America's. They were inserting when we were still swiping, and now as we're inserting, they've moved on to tapping. Just tap the card reader!

One night, I didn't have coins or tokens on me, so I had to pay streetcar fare with a credit card, but the machine only accepted cards you tap, of which I have none.

I could have used Apple Pay, but my iPhone was dead.

Adam Robot: Phone payment is the future, not plastic cards.
Jon: Maybe phone payment is the metric future?

Entertainment District

I got sick while in Toronto and bought store-brand combination DayQuil/NyQuil – green and white tablets.

One day, I almost dozed off during two film screenings and couldn't understand why. Why was I sleepy after a good night's sleep?

The following day, I realized that I had been ingesting night tablets in daytime. The white tablets were night tablets and the green tablets were day tablets.

Why would you colour day tablets green?!


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