Little Fish
As highly anticipated Pike Place Market restaurant, bar, and microcannery Little Fish has been bumped from a projected November opening to a January 2018 timeline, Antonitsas and her team will preview their menu at Cicchetti.

Inventive items include radishes with salt cured anchovy butter, Madrona smoked salt, and ash; an "octo-dog" of grilled octopus, saffron aioli, and kelp pickles on a sesame roll; and a "Baked Seattle" dessert featuring cannabis-leaf custard, meringue, and berries.

Bollocks. No dates while I'm in Seattle.

Cow by Bear
A 14-person dinner party opens with a snack and a cocktail, followed by three wine pairings for a five-course dinner that climaxes with a 50-day dry-aged ribeye roast entree. Oh, also the host is an anonymous chef in a bear costume.

$195 and a communal table, though…

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