Karate Artery

Jon: guh
Jon: i prefer the brighter blue frames, but worry that i'll look like graham elliot

Drew: do they come in clear?
Jon: yes, but one of my co-workers wears clear glasses
Jon: i don't want to seem like i'm single white female-ing him

Drew: there are no brick and mortar places near you that carry them?
Jon: maybe the darker blue frames…

Jon: i can't return prescription glasses that i order online, but i could order both frames without lenses, return one, and lens the frames i kept at, like, costco

Jon: $166 for both frames
Jon: 10% restocking fee
Jon: $25 for costco to lens an outside frame
Jon: single vision lenses starting at $60
Drew: it might be cheaper to buy both frames with lenses and keep them both

Drew: michelle suggests that an army green color would go well with your skin tone and coloring
Drew: not sure if that is racist or not

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