It's a pain of infinity

I heard a J. Cole song on the radio in which he pronounces "ask" as "axe," and…I had never previously thought about whether half-black people do it too.

Mouser in Super Mario Bros. 2 – is his name a play on "Bowser"?

Sonic's name is just Sonic, and Knuckles' name is just Knuckles, so why is Tails' name Miles Prower?

What if Geri Halliwell was Pumpkin Spice and became ubiquitous after leaving the Spice Girls?

Why do we give Pepperidge Farm a pass for wacky-flavoured Milanos? They're just bougie Oreos now.

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  1. Hugo 19 Sep 18 at 02:05

    You'll never be able to run for public office.


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