My man Kevin on the ledge and shit

// New York City, NY

The first thing I do after entering a hotel room is check the evacuation map on the back of the door to see how the size of my room compares to others on my floor. Did the front desk person fuck me?

The room I write this from is an accessible room designed for wheelchair users. I'm not sure if the front desk person granted me a more spacious room or stuck me with a roll-in shower. Water on the bathroom floor…

[Update: My room has one window, whereas others have one-and-a-half.]

You can now access a hotel room by tapping your phone on a sensor, but we still use flimsy paper door hangers to inform housekeeping not to disturb. Hotel rooms should be like airplane lavatories. If I lock the door to my room, a light outside switches from green to red.

Why do we call washrooms on airplanes "lavatories"?

Billions is filming near my hotel.

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