Dag Mah

Previously on Adam Riff™ [Jan 2008]:
I was carded twice – once in a sports book and once at a roulette table. I wasn't sure whether to feel flattered or dismayed. 25 going on 18…

// Las Vegas, NV

I'm playing Pai Gow Poker at the Flamingo. A cocktail waitress passes by.

Waitress: Drinks? Drinks?
Me: Can I get a Diet Coke?
Waitress: Just a plain Diet?
Me: Yes.

The waitress asks the dealer if he carded me.

Dealer change.

The new dealer asks the departing dealer if he carded me.

I cut through Harrah's on my way back to the Palazzo and stop to see how a spin of roulette plays out, during which time a floorwoman approaches me and asks to see identification.

36 going on 18…

I'm playing Craps at the Downtown Grand when the man to my left cracks a joke that incenses the woman to my right.

The man then spends the next two hours trying to get back in the woman's good graces with me standing between them the whole time.

"We good?"


Didn't help that the woman was chain-smoking.

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