Discount Chemist

// Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

The holiday park I'm staying at offers free wifi, but only 200MB a day.

"4-star hotel" per Google.

You can add 2GB for 24 hours on one device for $9.95.

Fortunately, I bought a 25GB 4G SIM card for my mobile before arriving.

Unfortunately, switching SIM cards has complicated two factor authentication.

Dinner at (Barrio):

A 10% surcharge on public holidays? To compensate for being short-staffed?

"Would you like some bread?"

When the check arrives, I discover that what I assumed were two slices of complimentary bread cost $5.00.

She offered me a starter?!

"There is a 1.5% surcharge for paying with a credit card."


Fortunately, USD is currently ~28% stronger than AUD.

"Would you like to add a tip?"

I thought I didn't have to tip in Australia?

I google "tipping in Australia."

"In Australia, a standard 10% is voluntarily given for good service."

Well, she made me feel like a lummox during my meal, but she's also looking right at me.

I tip 10%.

At least it's not a public holiday.

On my ride to (Barrio), I discover that my Uber rating dropped from 4.83 to 4.80.

Was it that driver in Las Vegas who I cancelled on because he was taking too long and who then accepted my replacement ride request? Is it because his cancellation fee was refunded?

0.3 is a notable drop. Can one man have all that power?

I hope my rating doesn't drop further while I'm in Australia because of only tipping drivers $1.00.

I browse menus for other local restaurants.

"A 10% surcharge applies on Sunday and 15% on public holidays."

Damn, Sundays too?

Brunch at (Barrio):

"Would you like piri piri sauce with your sausage roll?"

Wait, is she gonna…?

[adds $1.00 for sauce]



Dinner at (Raes):

"Would you like still or sparkling water?"

I normally answer "still," but on a whim opt for sparkling.

When the check arrives, I discover that what I assumed were two glasses of complimentary sparkling water cost $10.00 – twice as much as my one glass of cola.

I should have known when I saw the S.Pellegrino bottle.

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