Emotional pizza for one and all

// Sydney, NSW, Australia

Burgers are ubiquitous in Australia – and also ass.

Australians define "shoestring fries" differently than I do. To me, McDonald's-type fries are not shoestring fries. They're hoodie-string fries. Shoestring fries are thinner.

I appreciate that Australian eateries stock Coke Zero, sometimes in lieu of Diet Coke.

EASI is a food delivery app just for Asian (primarily Chinese) food in Australia.

The customers are often quite racist or don't speak English very well hence why they pay a slight premium compared to other food deliver services in order to have a Chinese and Chinese speaking delivery person.

Basically it's a way for the Millionaire Chinese students to be lazy and pay the not as rich Chinese immigrant workers to go around and fetch food for them. [source]

Better hot pot restaurant name: Memory Tongue or Beef Life?

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