The boys in the better land

Action News 8 found the owner of the submarine, Taran Smith, who happened to play the youngest son, Mark Taylor, on the TV show Home Improvement.

Smith said he was born and raised on a boat, and learning to work a submarine was a natural outcome for him.

When Taran Noah Smith was 16, he ran off with a woman twice his age, a vegan chef who hosted dinners for Hollywood foodies at her Southern California home.

The couple's romance made headlines when he went to court to try to convince a judge to declare him an emancipated minor, giving him access the $1.5 million in his trust fund a year early.

After he turned 18 and became an instant millionaire, he and Van Pelt founded their own company, Playfood, making vegan dairy products out of cashews in a plant in Kansas City.

Since he's been back in the embrace of his family, he has volunteered with the disaster relief organization Communitere in the Philippines, created a floating art gallery, and worked as a charter sailboat captain in Santa Barbara.

We have the technology to revive Home Improvement where it left off and watch Tim deal with Mark running off with a woman twice his age to make vegan dairy products out of cashews.

Randy returns from Costa Rica to direct episodes of Tool Time.

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