Apology Lunch

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// Los Angeles to San Francisco

I see a sheriff's car entering the roadway and slow down. It moves behind me and flashes its lights.

Sheriff: Do you know how fast you were driving?

But everyone drives 90+ on this stretch of I-5…

I call the traffic court.

Jon: How much is the bail amount?
Clerk: $489.


And yet, it's lower than the $538 for my rolling stop last year with no one around.

Jon: And I can avoid a point on my public record with traffic school, right?
Clerk: No. You are not eligible for traffic school.
Jon: Why not?
Clerk: You were driving 27mph over the speed limit. The maximum for traffic school is 25mph over.


There goes my premium…

Turns out I'm not eligible for traffic school either way because you can only attend traffic school once every 18 months and I just suffered through it in December.

What if I had signed the ticket with a scrawled squiggly line like I do when asked for an e-signature? Could I contest the violation?

"Wrong mans…"

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