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With the working title of "Chris Rock," the album's first single "Sabotage" sat unused for a year, lacking a vocal part. Then, after angrily confronting paparazzi at the funeral of River Phoenix, Ad-Rock rapped out his anger.


I need to watch that documentary.

SOUL COUGHING – $300 (El Oso, 1998)
Mike: "My very favourite Soul Coughing recording. The vibe, the texture of the recording, the jam at the end. It's a very succinct jam. A rare quality in jams.

The writing of it came from three factors:

one, drum and bass, which I was really into (I briefly lived in London and used to go to Goldie's Metalheadz night on Hoxton Square on Sundays; my favourites were Grooverider and Doc Scott—those dubplates!);

that buzzing open guitar tuning, which I started using on everything;

and the sample of Chris Rock saying, "…how much? She said, for $300, I'll do any…" That's from a track that played backwards on [Rock's comedy album] Roll With the New. I put it in my ASR-10 sampler, loaded it up, and reversed it—I was just curious what he was saying."

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