Wet Ass P-word

Thinking about the timeline in which CBS picked up How I Met Your Dad and Greta Gerwig is entering her seventh season.

Jason Segel made Forgetting Sarah Marshall and The Muppets while on How I Met Your Mother, so Greta could still make Lady Bird and Little Women while on the show.

Unlike Jason, however, when Greta wants to leave the show, because she's the main character, CBS can't negotiate one more season with her mostly separated from the rest of the cast.

Greta negotiates a series finale film, which she writes and directs?

Rory: The show runs for three more seasons with Elisha Cuthbert playing Sally.

Anders Holm, Andrew Santino, Tiya Sircar, and Drew Tarver are a helluva supporting cast.

Thinking about the timeline in which Greta Gerwig's next film is How I Met Your Dad starring Saoirse Ronan and not a Barbie movie.

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