I've adjusted my focus, I'm getting into knives

Dying at "topped with a thick layer of chopped salad." The only instance of that phrase in the history of the English language?

Enjoy with a can of

Honest Thief

Vegan alert:
Tom hates the "health cookies" that his girlfriend makes.

I stumbled upon a Letterboxd user who includes "vegan alerts" and "vegan points" in her reviews:


Vegan alert:
Something horrific happens to an animal.

Vegan points:
Writing a letter to a turtle.

The Forty-Year-Old Version

Vegan alert:
-Reference to ribs
-Agent said he likes silken robes

Vegan points:
-Soy milk is used as a plot device. It signified gentrification, but it didn't go into detail about the dangers of dairy and why someone might want to choose a non-dairy option (allergies, concern about animal abuse, etc.).
-The rap that references salami and bacon talks about the meats in a negative way.

Ingrid Goes West

Vegan alert:
-Ingrid wears a double egg shirt
-Butter and egg pics on Insta
-Ingrid lets a dog eat Cheetos

The Glorias

Vegan alert:
-Dad (Timothy Hutton) offers Gloria another egg roll
-Sign for corned beef at the diner where Gloria orders hot fudge sundae

A Paris Education

Vegan alert:
-Talking about how crocodiles look mean at the nature preserve

Scare Me

Vegan alert:
-Cheese on pizza

The Human Voice

Vegan alert:
-Axes have a leather cover
-Tilda Swinton tells the dog to shut up

Lost Girls and Love Hotels

Vegan alert:
Margaret (Alexandra Daddario) asks if they're going to eat screaming baby or bacon.

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