Desperately trying not to sweat off the glue

Food Network turned Candy Land into a competition series?

Needless to say, the whole thing is a bit more involved than the actual Candy Land—and based on actual skill, unlike the board game which was entirely determined by how mom shuffled the deck. [source]

The series will offer a supersized Uno experience that also incorporates audience participation, over-the-top physical challenges, and trivia.


Did we learn nothing from the Candy Crush game show?

Without compelling gameplay, the show's creators have decided to complicate the experience with gimmicks.

Contestants scramble to match colored candies while floating in the air with a harness, riding a makeshift crane and using a giant pole, and while fastened to a teammate with a rigid candy cane in between. [source]

Based on the popular Japanese game show format Sokkuri Sweets, the series features teams of celebrities and civilians attempting to identify edible creations designed to look like everyday, ordinary objects.

Once the contestants make their choice, they must take take a bite so see if they're right.

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